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Community Involvement

Integra is passionate about making a difference in its community.  Here are some of the initiatives that we support through volunteer time.


Court Mediation

Private Information Court (PIC) deals with private citizen prosecutions that involve a criminal charge. A justice of the peace hears cases that involve neighbors, landlors, family members, roommates or former intimate partners and frequently involve a history of tension. We help assess these cases for suitability for mediation and arrange for mediation through Community Mediation Services of Downsview.


Transition Town Movement

Empowering citizens in upper York Region to work together to create greater local community resilience in the face of the impacts of global climate change, peak oil, and global financial instability... Transitioning from oil dependency to local resiliency.  Check out the Transition York Region website.


Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview

CMSD is a not-for-profit charitable organization that helps families, workplaces, schools and neighborhoods understand and resolve conflict. We support CMSD in their commitment to restorative justice and the peaceful resolution of conflict in order to reduce violence and crime, and build healthy and safe communities.


Auxiliary Policing

Proudly supporting the York Regional Police service in the delivery of community-based crime prevention initiatives and community events such as parades and fairs.  Keeping our communities safe and welcoming is not something we take for granted.


Integra takes a stand for positive change through collaborative people dynamics.

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