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Strong, successful and resilient organizations are built upon strong, adaptive cultures and sound business strategy. Most leaders, however, focus on strategy to the exclusion of culture. Values-driven organizations, aligned around a noble cause, are the strongest of cultures. At Integra, we build strong, adaptive cultures that result in resilient and thriving organizations and communities.

Whether you've identified a need to align behaviours around values, would like to have your hiring and performance management driven by values, or see a need for a transformation of the entire organizational system, our culture development work can help. At times, there may be trouble spots, such as conflict and power struggles that are reducing productivity, or your leaders, teams or entire departments are performing sub-optimally. A customized culture development program can be the solution. There may also be strategic priorities that require a culture assessment approach, such as performing a more thorough due diligence process for a merger, acquisition or joint venture. Whatever the situation, invite us in to explore options with you, and we'll deliver straightforward and innovative solutions.

Culture Development initiatives...

  • Measure the risk in the human capital system
  • Provide leading indicators for potential trouble areas
  • Increase productivity and employee engagement
  • Generate improved, sustainable financial performance
  • Enhance corporate resiliency


Cultural Values Development Program
Culture is the heart and soul of an organization… the values and beliefs of its people, the ‘way things are done around here’. But when a shift is needed, where do you start? The Cultural Transformation Tools© offer a unique view of the cultural values of a system and provide a road map for culture transformation.  Details...

Merging Cultures Assessment
Whether it’s an acquisition or a merger, studies show that cultural integration is the single biggest reason that expected returns are not realized in these ventures. Time and again, the integration of the cultures is overlooked by leadership teams and their integration consultants.   Details..

Community Resilience
We offer a consultative and training-based approach to help communities address the triple threats of economic instability, the end of cheap energy, and the environmental crisis.  Our approach integrates collaboraton skills training, resilience principles, leadership mastery, a relationship systems view and evolutionary consciousness, to create local resiliency. Programs are customized upon request and link closely with our community leadership within the Transition Town movement.

Our programs are customized to meet your needs. Call for a free initial consultation. 905-373-4242

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